Aidan Sullivan

Druid Journeyman



Lore + 5
Scholarship +5
Discipline +4
Conviction +4
Resources +3
Guns +3
Weapons +3
Survival +2
Alertness +2
Empathy +2
Endurance +2
Athletics +1
Investigation +1
Craftsmanship +1
Fists + 1
Stealth +1

Evocation (-3)
Thaumaturgy (-3)
The Sight (-1)
Inhuman Recovery (-2)
The Catch (+1) – has to be in direct contact with the earth, man made ground doesn’t count
Inhuman Speed (-2)
Modified Refresh 2


High Concept: Journeyman Druid – Gaia’s Defender

Trouble: Follower of a Forgotten Path

Background: Aidan’s mother died in childbirth and he was raised by his rarely-at-home detective father. His dad did try to be a good father, especially when Aidan got older and could spend time at the firing range with him, but for the most part, Aidan was left at home alone with his books. When he was 16, he started working at the local occult bookstore, run by the mysterious Atticus O’Sullivan – the last of the true Druids. Eventually, Atticus took him on as an apprentice.

Aspect: Insatiable Thirst for Knowledge

Rising Conflict: When Aidan was 19, a crafty coven of witches, intent on taking over the Tempe area, implicated Atticus in the murder of a White Council member, and while he was trying to clear it up, they invaded with their Red Court allies. Aidan and Granuaile (Atticus’ other apprentice) led the opposition, including the local werewolf pack and a friendly vampire, along with several clued-in members of the police. They succeeded, thanks to some timely out of town help, and Atticus finally getting free. Unfortunately, Aidan’s father was one of the causalities of the fight.

Aspect: The White Council and witches can go ^&%( themselves

The Story – Books You Can’t Buy on Amazon

Just after Aidan opened Ogham Books, one of his first customers was a mysterious man who called himself “Mr. Saiman”. To every normal sense, and even to the Sight, he appeared like a normal mortal; except for the fact that Aidan could practically feel the power that this guy held, somehow hidden, within him. But, there was no hint of menace, and he seemed nice enough. He came in every few days to chat for a bit, and even bought and sold of few minor magical texts. After about a month, Mr. Saiman came in, much more serious than usual. There was a book, a grimoire, being sold, he said, somewhere in the city this week. He had caught rumors of it, but nothing concrete. Unfortunately, Saiman was in the middle of a task he couldn’t get out of, but it was imperative that he acquire this book. He offered Aidan a handsome fee to act as his agent in this matter. After some negotiation, Aidan agreed. 24 hours later, Aidan had tracked down the time and place of the auction. Thanks to the briefcase of cash Saiman had left him, Aidan won the auction, but a group of practicioners (the Third Circle gang) showed up to take it by force. After a brief battle, and with some help, Aidan managed to escape with the item. After checking the work thoroughly, he turned it over to Mr. Saiman, who was extremely please with the group’s work, and promised that he would be happy to help them if they needed it.

Aspect: Don’t Trifle With Me!

Aidan Sullivan

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